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Geocaching T-shirts

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  1. Geocaching T-shirts
    Image by BlazerMan
    A mosaic "poster" of 64 t-shirts that I photographed at GeoWoodstock 4, the 2006 Texas Challenge, and elsewhere. Many thanks to all the folks who let me take their pictures!

    Update 3/30/11: The latest version of this mosaic is here.

    View the large size and download it for wallpaper if you want.

    Geocacher Magazine chose this photo montage for the background image on the program for GeoWoodstock VI. They simply put the fold line right up the middle. The right side of the image became the front cover, and the left side became the back.

    The montage was also featured in the GeoWoodstock VII geocaching museum.

    All copyrighted images on these t-shirts remain the property of their respective owners.

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    Get your photo into the next montage by replying to this thread in the Geocaching T-shirts pool.

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